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Man's Best Friend: This Dog is Waiting for Her Owner at the Hospital Where He Died

A dog has waited in vain at a hospital in Siberia ever since her owner passed away at the hospital last year.

Patients and staff at the Novosibirsk District Number One hospital have taken to ensuring that Masha the dog has a warm bed and food to eat.

The hospital staff does not know what breed the dog is, although she looks like a dachshund.

As Daily Mail reports, Masha has been coming to the hospital’s reception every day since her owner was admitted almost two years ago. Masha’s elderly owner had fallen ill, and had come to the hospital with his pet.

While the elderly man was staying in the ward, Masha was his only visitor. At night, she would return to their home; every morning, she would return to the hospital.

Even though her owner is no longer alive, this is a routine that Masha continues to execute.

“You see her eyes, how sad they are – it’s not the usual shiny eyes for when a dog is happy,” said chief doctor Vladimir Bespalov. “You can see this in animals in the same way as with people.”

Doctors have expressed hope that someone will take pity on the dog and offer her a new home.

“There is nothing medicine can do for her here, but we are still hoping that Masha will be able to find another owner,” Bespalov said.

“One day, and we very much want this day to come soon, our Masha will trust somebody,” the doctor added.

A family recently tried to adopt Masha, said Nurse Alla Vorontsova. The family took Masha to their home on a Friday evening, but the trusty dog was back at the hospital by 3 a.m. the following day.

“I don’t think she will ever leave here,” Vorontsova said.

Sources: Mail Online, Elite Daily / Photo Credit: Mail Online


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