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Manny Mehos Wins Child Support Case Against Ex-Wife


Manny Mehos is the founder, president and CEO of banking corporation Green Bancorp, Inc. According to TiE Houston, the company has grown its assets to over $1 billion since its creation.

To a man as wealthy as Mehos, $5,000 per month is a relatively small sum to pay, especially for the well-being of his own children. Still, despite Mehos’ massive wealth, the man has been fighting against his ex-wife, Lisa Mehos, in a high-profile family law case.

In a ruling regarding the case, a judge recently stated that Manny was no longer responsible for paying Lisa the child support funds. The judge also ruled that Lisa must repay Manny over $50,000 in child support funds that she has received throughout the past year. 

The Mehos’ case was highly publicized due to the fact that Lisa’s abortion was used against her during the former couple’s custody battle. In the courts, Manny argued that Lisa underwent an abortion a year after she divorced her husband in 2011. Manny’s attorney claimed that Lisa’s abortion “calls her credibility into question.” Women's rights activists, understandably, claimed that her abortion was irrelevant. 

It appears as if the judge agreed with Manny's attorney. Although a custody ruling has not yet been reached, the New York Daily News suggests that Manny is set to overtake custody of his children. Lisa Mehos reportedly raised the two children, now ages 4 and 6, in an apartment in New York City’s Upper West Side, which she may now be forced to lose. 


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