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Manila Puts Ban on Plastic Bags After 25-Foot Tidal Wave of Trash

A photo of a 25-foot high tidal wave of trash in the Philippines makes it clear why the capital has banned disposable plastic shopping bags and styrofoam containers today.

The piles and piles of trash are blamed for deadly flooding in the country. 

And authorities are taking the new ban on plastic and styrofoam seriously, as members of Makati City's Plastic Monitoring Task Force were already out on the streets looking for vendors violating the rules just hours after it was introduced.

Prexy Macana, project officer of Makati's environmental services department, believes the ban will help relieve the city's waterways and reduce flooding.

"During our bi-monthly wastewater clean-ups, we found most of the garbage is plastics," she said.

The Philippines aren't the only country to ban plastics, as China, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda and Bangladesh have all banned thin plastic bags. 

And all plastic bags, except ox-biodegradables, are banned in the United Arab Emirates. 

Los Angeles became the largest city in the U.S. to ban plastic bags from supermarkets, after San Jose, San Francisco and Long Beach implemented similar bans.

But the U.K. last month sparked criticism after they decided not to back a European law banning plastic bags.

Italy's environmental minister was shocked by Britain not supporting the law, calling it "astounding."

Sources: Daily Mail,Bangkok Post


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