Manhunt Underway In Illinois After Police Officer Is Shot Following Traffic Stop


An unidentified police officer was shot and killed on Sept. 1 in Fox Lake, Illinois, about 55 miles north of Chicago, and now a major manhunt is underway for three suspects.

Lake County Sheriff Sgt. Chris Covelli confirmed the officer had died, reports NY Daily News.

Earlier in the day, the officer radioed in he was pursuing the three suspects after noticing some “suspicious activity” following a traffic stop. His radio went silent and fellow officers found him with a gunshot wound.

Dispatch reports, which haven’t been confirmed, noted that the suspects — two white males and one black male — might have taken the officer's gun and pepper spray, CBS Chicago reported. 

Covelli said law enforcement officers are searching for the three suspects by air and on foot. Several schools in the area have been placed on lockdown and police encouraged locals to stay indoors.

"At this point, this is a two-pronged investigation," Covelli said, adding that the Major Crimes Task Force is also working on the case.

The suspects are considered armed and dangerous.

Sources: NY Daily News, CBS Chicago / Photo credit: Screenshot via WLS/NY Daily News


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