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Manhunt On For California Gunman Randomly Shooting Cars (Photos)

Manhunt On For California Gunman Randomly Shooting Cars (Photos) Promo Image

Police in Central California are on the hunt for a gunman who has been shooting cars, seemingly at random.

Only one person has been injured by the gunman, who has struck 10 times in the last month, according to Reuters. No one has been killed or seriously wounded, but authorities fear the shooter's actions could easily lead to deaths.

"If this keeps going, it's going to be a matter of time before we have a murder investigation," Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims said. "That's what we're trying to avoid."

Mims' comments came at a joint news conference with authorities from neighboring Madera County and the California Highway Patrol on Dec. 21.

The one injury in the case occurred on Dec. 1 when a woman was driving in Fresno County near the town of Kerman. Most of the shootings happened on roads just outside of Kerman, according to Reuters.

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The bullet did not hit the woman, but broken glass caused her shrapnel wounds, according to The Fresno Bee.

The gunman's motive is unknown and the targets seem selected at random, according to Reuters. However, based on witness statements, police believe they have a description of the shooter's car.

Police are searching for a dark, four-wheel-drive pickup truck with oversized tires and an extended or crew cab, according to The Bee.

All of the victims reported hearing a loud bang as a vehicle passed them traveling in the opposite direction. At first they might think the passing vehicle had "thrown up a rock," Mims said, according to ABC News. Later, when the victims look over their cars, they find the bullet holes.

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Mims called the manhunt a top priority for her department. There is a $3,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case. 

"We have committed significant resources," Mims said, according to The Bee.

Mims said people can help the investigation by reporting shootings as soon as they happen. 

"Get to a place of safety and report it as soon as possible," she said. 

Madera County Sheriff Jay Varney also expressed his department's commitment to finding the shooter. 

"We are highly motivated to find who is doing this," he said, according to The Bee. 

Mims wrapped up her statement by speaking directly to the shooter.

"To the suspect, this is a cowardly act and we are working very hard to find you," she said, Reuters reports. "We will hold you responsible."

Sources: Reuters, The Fresno Bee, ABC News / Featured Image: Tim Patterson/Flickr / Embedded Images: Fresno County Sheriff's Office via The Fresno Bee

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