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22-Hour Manhunt For Kidnapping Suspect Ends With Criminal Shooting Himself


Following an almost day-long manhunt, officials in Wisconsin were able to capture a kidnapping suspect after he shot himself in the head.

Racine County Sheriffs officials worked all day long to find Stan Sillas, 20, who later died as a result of his self-inflicted wounds. Sillas was wanted for a kidnapping that occurred on Sunday, Fox 6 News reports.

Along with the Racine police, as well as dog units and the Mount Pleasant police, the officers were able to track Sillas to a neighborhood in Mount Pleasant. With the help of freshly fallen snow, they found his tracks leading to a group of bushes where he was hiding. 

“Arriving officers located fresh footwear impression in the snow," Racine Police Lt. Al Days told reporters. "The footprints led investigators to the suspect’s location. Upon observing officers, the subject threatened to shoot himself with a handgun he had in his possession. Officers on scene immediately attempted crisis is intervention measures."

The negotiations failed and Sillas shot himself. He was then transported to a nearby hospital.and was then taken to a nearby hospital, where officials said he died as a result of his wounds.

No one else was injured during the manhunt besides Sillas

According to investigators, Sillas had kidnapped a woman at gunpoint on Sunday at the Racine Neurological Center. When officials tracked him down to a nearby Piggly Wiggly, he fired two shots at the officers. Though neither officer was injured, one squad car with a deputy inside was hit. Sillas then ran away, leaving the woman at the grocery store.

Source: FOX 6

Photo Credit: Fox 6, NY Daily News


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