Manhattan Woman Claims Her Dog Walker Sold Her Pooch for PCP

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A New York City woman started a social media and flier campaign to track down her 4-year-old rescued pit bull, Sugar. She has offered a $10,000, no-questions-asked return award for her beloved dog, and claims her dog walker of three years either traded Sugar for drugs or sold it for drug money to be used in connection with illegal dog fighting.

Morgan Bogle’s search has gone viral on social media. She posted to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, using the hashtag #FindSugarNYC, reported Inquisitr. She plastered the area with thousands of fliers and rented a billboard on Seventh Avenue in hopes of finding her beloved dog, which she describes as being sweet and well-mannered.

Tommy Doerr, 46, the East Village dog walker, claims to have had “an unexplained psychotic episode” and cannot remember what happened to Sugar.

Bogle doesn’t buy it. Her lawsuit alleges Doerr traded Bogle’s the dog for angel dust, also known as PCP. Doerr was “detained by the police who had allegedly searched him and found him in possession of a controlled substance, believed to be PCP,” Bogle claimed in court papers.

No arrests have been made, according to the New York City Police Department.

Doerr’s lawyer says he was not on drugs. “I can tell you there was a drug intake (at the hospital) and it was completely negative, which proves that any allegation that he was on any kind of drugs is completely false,” attorney Mel Ginsburg told the New York Post.

“There’s a lot of completely false allegations being made about this case,” Ginsburg added. “Nobody’s going to fake going into the hospital. There’s no intent here.”

Ginsburg doesn’t deny that Sugar was lost on his client’s watch, saying, “Things happen that people don’t remember.”

It all happened on Feb. 23, while Bogle was on a business trip. Supposed to be caring for Sugar at Bogle’s East 26 Street apartment, witnesses say Doerr was outside and kicking the door. A witness said Doerr screamed, “F*** you! Let me in the f****** house now!” and muttering incoherent things.

Following a neighbor’s text message, Bogle sent a friend to Doerr’s home where she found him hiding behind a trash can and acting strangely. She called the police. Later, Bogle found Sugar’s collar and sweater in Doerr’s apartment.

Doerr is countersuing Bogle for defamation over the “false” drug allegations. He also claims a detective she hired treated him abusively and said he should kill himself, according to court papers.

Sources: Inquisitr, New York Post

Photo Credit: Morgan Bogle via New York Post


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