Manhattan Mansion for Sale Includes Treehouse in Garden

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It is likely the only house in New York City with a treehouse, and it’s up for sale for $10.5 million.

The mansion is located on 93rd street by Madison Avenue and has a replica treehouse in the back garden.

The home, at 4,372 square feet, was put up for sale by Cynthia Rivera. She said the 14-foot high treehouse comes with electricity and tiny furniture.

It is thought to be the main selling point in the home, as apartments in the city are often sold that are not much larger than the garden it sits in.

The mansion was built in 1866 and purchased in 2000 for $6.6 million. It is one of five clapboards in the vicinity.

Rivera said, “My daughters thought it looked like Stuart Little lived in the treehouse. We loved it. They’d have tea parties there with their friends. When I bought the home, I was told that it was the only treehouse in Manhattan and that there was another one in Brooklyn. The treehouse fits four girls comfortably, but six girls have been up there, too.”

She does not have much use for the treehouse anymore, as her daughters Simone and Isabella are 18 and 20 years old now.

The property is listed by the Corcoran Group and has four bedrooms and five bathrooms.

Wendy Sarasohn, real estate agent, said this is the first time she has seen a treehouse in the city.

“It’s every child’s fantasy and a lot of adults fantasy as well. You’re on top of the world when you’re up there. It has electricity and several windows so it has lots of natural light,” she said.

“Cynthia had tons of house guests from all over the world, and she always threatened to put them in the treehouse if they misbehaved.”

The mansion also has a butler’s pantry, elevator, wood-paneled library, wine cellar and several fireplaces.

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