Manhattan Judge Rules that Gypsy Family Cannot Use $100K Pile of Gold as Bail

A New York-based gypsy family attempted to bail a family member out of jail using a pile of gold they claim was a “sacred” family treasure.

The judge, however, didn’t buy it.

The Eli family lost its bid to use a $100,000 pile of gold as bail after Tom Eli, 41, was arrested for an alleged slashing outside a Manhattan club.

Supreme Court Justice Charles Solomon said there were obvious inconsistencies in the testimony given by the defendant’s mother.

Lulu Eli, 73, was asked about a Medicaid application, for which she stated she’d had no resources, even though it was within the same time period she’d claimed the gold was in her possession. The woman was also asked about a past tax return on which she’d listed a car as property, even though she’d already testified that she had sold the car by then.

Prosecutors do not believe the gold could not be trusted as a source of insurance on the bond. If the Elis really did have the gold for decades, as Lulu claimed, the family would have tried to use it to bail Tom out sooner.

“This is not family heirloom gold,” said Assistant District Attorney Michael Pasinkoff. “This is gold that was either rounded up through other people in the community or obtained through other improper means.”

Since Tom’s arrest in June, the Eli family has made many attempts to use Florida properties, as well as a friend’s cash, as bond collateral. None of these attempts proved successful.

However, the gypsy family claims the battle isn’t over.

“We’re certainly going to be exploring our options in terms of an appeal,” said the family’s attorney, Tom Kenniff.


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