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Mandy Milstead and Brad Barker Jailed for Putting Daughter in Scalding Water

A woman and her boyfriend were arrested for allegedly putting their 3-year-old daughter in scalding hot water as punishment and failing to seek medical treatment for her for a week.

Mandy Milstead, 23, and Brad Barker, 26, were charged with injury to a child in connection with the scalding water incident that happened on May 24 in their Freeport, Texas, home. 

The girl is in an intensive care unit at University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas, and is suffering from burns from the waist down.

Authorities said Barker put the girl in hot water in a bathtub after she told lies. This severely burned her leg and the soles of her feet.

After eight days, Mandy took her to the Shiner's Children's Hospital. The girl was then transferred to the ICU.

The couple is now held in the Brazoria County Jail.

When the girl was born, the couple seemed excited about starting a family, with Barker writing on Facebook, "Love being a pappy!! wouldn't change my family for the world!!"

He also said he was excited to go back home to see his "girls."

Sources: Daily Mail, Chron


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