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Alan Thicke's Final Moments Revealed

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Actor Alan Thicke died of a heart attack, and now the hockey rink manager where he took his final breath is telling all. 

Thicke, 69, who rose to fame playing the role of psychiatrist Dr. Jason Seaver on the hit TV show "Growing Pains," had a heart attack at an ice hockey game on Dec. 13 in Los Angeles, Radar Online reports.

Thicke, father of pop singer Robin Thicke, famous for the song "Blurred Lines," was playing with his youngest son, Carter, when he suddenly collapsed at Burbank’s Pickwick Ice Skating Rink. 

According to rink manager Kyle Stavert, “He got here this morning with his son, they took the ice around 11:15 a.m.; around 11:45 the guys came off the ice and grabbed me from the office and we called 911," Stavert said. "When we got over there he had come off the ice and he was laying on the side, the ambulance came and took him on a stretcher."

"He looked gray, he didn't look good, but he made a crack with his son saying 'Hey, take a picture of this,'" Stavert added. "Alan plays on Tuesdays and Thursdays and he's been coming here quite a few years now. He's always been very fit. The pickup game he plays is five on five. It's a mix of guys who come here pretty consistently."

Stavert said Carter looked "panicked," as his father lay on the ice.  "I was still here at the rink when I hear he had passed,” Stavert said. “I was dumbfounded. Just the way he went out the building, you figured he was hurt, but you'd never think he's die from that. I didn't think it would be the last time I would see him at all."

Thicke wrote music, in addition to acting, and his pieces include the theme songs to many popular game shows such as “The Joker’s Wild,” “Celebrity Sweepstakes” and the original “Wheel of Fortune” theme song, notes The New York Times.  Thicke also co-wrote the theme songs for “Different Strokes” and “The Facts of Life” with Al Burton and Gloria Loring, his first wife and the mother of Robin.  

Thicke was ranked 37 on Tv Guide’s list of “50 Greatest TV Dads of All Time.”  

Thicke’s most recent TV appearance was a guest spot on Season 2 of "Fuller House," which airs on Netflix. 

Sources: Radar Online, The New York Times / Photo credit: UPTV

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