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Man Yells 'Hey Piggy' At Woman On Street, She Turns Around And Gives Him Shock Of His Life (Video)

A man in Lima, Peru, who'd been suspected of harassing women on the street, got the shock of his life when he harassed his own mother, who was disguised in a wig (video below).

Hero Viral reports that women walking down the street in Lima are often harassed by men. 

The incident occurred during a social experiment conducted by Everlast called Harassing Your Mother. The host explained that the show had spotted two men on the street sexually harassing and catcalling women.

“We’ve got a hold of their mothers and they agreed to participate after we explained to them how serious this matter is,” the host said. The mothers were promptly disguised using makeup and wigs so that their sons wouldn’t recognize them.

In the first experiment, the mother walks past her son, who is coming out of a building and into the street.

“Tasty panties!” her son yells at her.

“Renzo!” the mother responds. “What’s the matter with you, Renzo? What they told me about you was true.”

“What was true?” the son asks.

“About you saying such dirty things to women,” she replies.

The son denies that he was being dirty, saying that it was “just a game” and that it’s just what people do. 

“Mom, I don’t do that in the street,” the son insists before his mother begins hitting him with a purse.

In the second experiment, a man yells “piggy” at his mother as she walks down the street in a disguise.

“Julio?” she says as she turns around to face him. 

“Mom, what are you doing undercover?” he responds. 

“What do you mean what am I doing? I’m here to see if you’re really harassing women,” the mother replies. The man begs his mother to keep her voice down, telling her that it was not him who harassed her but another man nearby. He adds that his boss was about to come outside and he could be fired.

“I’m ashamed you are my son,” the mother yells. Her son continues to insist that it wasn’t him. 

Watch the shocking social experiment in the video below. 

Sources: Hero Viral, MetaSpoon/YouTube / Photo credit: MetaSpoon/YouTube

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