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This Man Won't Go to Prison for Raping his Wife

An Indiana rape survivor is outraged by a court’s decision to allow her ex-husband, who allegedly raped and assaulted her, not to serve prison time.

David Wise, 52, allegedly repeatedly drugged his now ex-wife, Mandy Boardman, raped her and recorded the assault while she was sleeping. Boardman later discovered the videos.

Wise was sentenced to a 20 year sentence––eight years of home detention and 12 years suspend––on Friday after being found guilty of rape and five felony counts of criminal deviate conduct in April.

The Indianapolis Star reports that the prosecution asked for a 40-year-sentence. Each of the Class B felonies Wise was sentenced to can carry up to twenty years a piece. Boardman felt that Wise got off too easily.

"I don't feel that the man who raped me repeatedly for years on end deserves to leave the courtroom when I do," she said. "I don't feel like he deserves to sit at home and watch TV and eat ice cream like I can. He deserves to spend many years in prison,” Boardman told the New York Daily Times.

Boardman testified last month that the assaults had been happening since 2005. She said she would wake up feeling as if her body had been “messed with.” The two separated in 2009 and Wise allegedly continued to harass her. Boardman said she would have come forward sooner but didn’t want her children to grow up without a father.

According to the Daily Times, the judge considered several factors including employement status and criminal history. Wise has been convicted of battery, public indecency and operating a vehicle while intoxicated – all of which are misdemeanor crimes.

Marc Mauer, executive director of The Sentencing Project, a Washington-based nonprofit involved in sentencing reform, told the Indianapolis Star that a judge also has to consider things like risk to the public.

““Rehabilitation is the other,” Mauer told the Star.  “Would incarceration or living in the community make this person more or less likely to repeat this kind of behavior?”

Boardman feels as if she got “zero justice” on Friday.

“During the reading of the sentence, the judge looked at me before he gave the final decision," Boardman said. “I was told that I needed to forgive my attacker and move on.”

For the length of his home detention Wise will be on a GPS monitor and only allowed to leave to go to work. He is fighting for visitation rights of their children.


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