Lottery Winner Arrested For Investing In Meth Ring


A Georgia man who won $3 million in the lottery may be facing life in prison for drug trafficking and firearm charges.

Ronnie Music Jr., 45, won $3 million from a scratch-off lottery ticket in 2015, CBS News reported. He used part of his winnings to invest in a crystal meth ring.

“Defendant Music decided to test his luck by sinking millions of dollars of lottery winnings into the purchase and sale of crystal meth,” U.S. Attorney Ed Tarver said in a statement, reports the Daily Mail. “As a result of his unsound investment strategy, Music now faces decades in a federal prison.”

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Agents seized more than $1 million worth of meth, firearms, thousands of rounds of ammunition, multiple cars and $600,000 in cash, according to a news release.

“According to evidence presented during his guilty plea hearing, Music conspired with others to possess and distribute kilograms of methamphetamine in Ware County, Georgia and elsewhere,” The U.S. Attorney's Office said. “The investigation revealed that in September, 2015, Music's coconspirators were caught attempting to sell approximately 11 pounds of crystal meth, with a street value in excess of $500,000. Music was identified as a source of supply for the meth.”

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Music has had trouble with the law in the past. In 2003, he was convicted of making terrorist threats and charged with possession of a prohibited weapon, the New York Daily News reported. In 2009, he was caught running a meth lab and possessing the illegal drug.

Sources: CBS News, Daily MailNew York Daily News / Photo credit: Georgia Lottery via New York Daily News

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