Couple With 20-Year Age Gap Reveals They're Having Their First Child


A U.K. couple often mistaken for father and daughter because of their age gap have announced that they're having their first child.

Samantha Moloney, 26, and David Milburn, 49, first met at a party in 2014, Daily Mail reports.

"I found him really funny and naturally I was very attracted to him physically, we've joked that he's a bit of a silver fox," Moloney told Daily Mail.

The two kept their relationship a secret for the first few months because they were afraid they'd be judged. However, they were forced to reveal themselves as a couple when Moloney got pregnant.

Moloney is now 15 weeks pregnant. Although Milburn has three daughters between the ages of 14 and 27, he said he's excited to be a father again. 

"I can't wait to be a mother, it's all very new for me so it's exciting and quite scary at the same time," Moloney said. "I never wanted children before, I was always more of an animal lover, but when I turned 25 I knew I wanted to be a mother."

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(Samantha Moloney and David Milburn holding up ultrasound photo. Photo Credit: Caters News Agency via Daily Mail)

Moloney added that she's got a lot to learn about being a parent, but she's glad Milburn is around to help her.

Now, the couple has said that they don't care what other people think of their relationship. Since openly admitting to their relationship, the two have received some funny reactions. Moloney said that one man even tried hitting on her in front of Milburn, and he was shocked to find out that Milburn was Moloney's boyfriend instead of her dad.

Moloney added that Milburn and her family get along well. She noted that Milburn and her father have a lot in common and once discussed Oscar Wilde and "old architecture" at length. 

Sources: Daily MailLatest UK / Photo Credit: Tatiana Vdb/Flickr, Janine/Flickr

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