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Man with Concealed Gun Permit Accidentally Kills Woman in Cafe

Let’s pause for a moment to consider what caused this woman’s senseless death.

Should we define the cause as something that couldn’t have been helped, like a tornado or some other natural disaster?

Or was it the incompetence and selfishness of a “law-abiding gun owner” who had permission from the state of Florida to carry his weapon pretty much wherever he wanted, and who just had to have it with him at the internet café — presumably “for protection”?

Remember, she wasn’t killed with a knife, or a baseball bat, or a fist.

She was killed with the tool best designed for the job — a firearm — by someone who reportedly had a permit to carry it.

Feel safer now?

From WJXT News-4 (Jacksonville):

Jacksonville police said a woman was killed Monday afternoon by what appears to be the accidental discharge of a concealed firearm.

Police said a man with a concealed weapons permit went into the Allied Veterans Cyber Center Internet café on the Westside in the 5800 block of Normandy Boulevard just east of Lane Avenue.

Police said the man’s gun was mishandled or dropped and discharged, striking a woman in the back. Witnesses said the gun fell from the man’s belt.

Officers said the woman in her 40s, whose name has not yet been released, died at Shands….

…Signs of what is and isn’t allowed inside the business are plastered all over the door. And according to those who go there often, there are more signs on the inside that say no firearms are allowed on the property….



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