Man Wins $1.5 Million Settlement From Bar Accused of Overserving Him


A Gloucester Township, New Jersey resident has been awarded a $1.5 million settlement from the local sports bar Hollywood Cafe, after accusing the venue from serving him too much alcohol. 

The man, Kevin Fynes, lost part of his leg in a car crash after a St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl that took place on March 10, 2012 and was sponsored by the Hollywood Cafe. According to NJ.com, Fynes claimed that the bartenders continued to serve him alcohol despite his visible level of intoxication. Fynes crashed his pickup truck into an interstate guard rail after leaving the bar crawl, forcing a portion of his lower leg to be amputated. 

Fynes was represented by attorney Alfred Falcione, who accused the Hollywood Cafe of negligence throughout all aspects of the evening.

“This entire life-altering event could have simply been avoided if the Hollywood Cafe had required the participants in the pub crawl to hand over their car keys before the start of the pub crawl. Making certain that participants in the pub crawl, after drinking for six hours, have a safe means of getting home is the minimum a bar should do," said Falcione. 

Similar lawsuits against bars have occurred before, and Lawyers.com explains that “commercial vendors are liable for injuries caused by an intoxicated customer if they serve liquor to him after he was visibly intoxicated.” 

Fynes initially faced charges of driving under the influence after the incident, but those charges were subsequently dismissed by a municipal court judge. 


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