Instant Karma: Man Interviews Job Applicant Who Rudely Pushed Past Him On Subway Platform

A man took to Twitter to share his surprising experience interviewing a random job applicant who had previously rudely pushed past him and cursed him out on the subway.

In a series of tweets, Matt Buckland, head of talent and recruiting for Forward Partners, explained that he was shocked to see that the man he was interviewing for a position had previously bumped into him on the subway. Buckland only recognized him, he explained, because of the nature of the encounter.

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“Karma - the guy who pushed past me on the tube and then suggested I go F myself just arrived for his interview...with me,” Buckland wrote on Twitter.

Buckland went on to say that he mentioned the encounter to the job applicant and both of them had a good laugh together. Quickly, Buckland’s tweets went viral, and by the end of the day, people wanted to know whether or not the man was hired. Finally, Buckland said that they didn’t hire him, but he made clear that it had nothing to do with the subway encounter.

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“We needed someone a bit more senior, so no... but I didn't hold it against him,” Buckland explained in a follow-up tweet. “The tube makes us all crazy!”

Sources: AJC.com, Kiss 104FM / Photo Sources: koshercareers.comtheartofcharm.com


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