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Salt Lake City Man Confronts Officers Involved In Killing His Dog (Video)

Sean Kendall, the man whose dog was killed by a Salt Lake City police officer for no reason, said this week that he wouldn’t be happy until the responsible officer was out of a job. Now, Kendall has posted video of his first altercation with police upon arriving home to find out that his dog was dead.

“About 15 minutes ago, I got a phone call from Utah Animal Control calling to tell me that an officer had shot and killed me dog,” says Kendall in the video on his way home. “He was inside the backyard, in a fenced-off area. What was the cause for an officer to shoot and kill my dog?”

As Kendall arrives home, three police officers and an animal control officer greet him on his front lawn. Immediately, Kendall angrily asks them which officer is responsible for killing his dog, and when they tell him that the officer left the scene, the heartbroken man loses it.

“I’m asking why you guys went on my property and why he felt the need to kill my dog,” says Kendall to the officers.

“I can explain the basics circumstances, and that is, he entered the yard looking for a lost child, he was threatened by the dog and he shot the dog,” responds Sergeant Joseph Cyr. “That’s as simple as it gets.”

“He was threatened by the dog, so backing up slowly and leaving the residence is not an option?” asks a baffled Kendall.

Kendall continues to berate the officers, who clearly have very little to say as they stand awkwardly aware of how bad the situation is. Kendall takes down the name and badge numbers of the officers and tells them that he will be getting a lawyer.

“I understand it wasn’t you personally, but you guys killed my dog,” says Kendall to the officers. “I’ve had this dog for three years. He was my best friend, and he was shot because an officer couldn’t back the f*ck up out of my house!”

The video ends with Kendall panning his camera around the backyard, showing his dog Geist, who he calls his “best friend” and “child,” lying in the grass, lifeless.

"Thanks officer, have a good day," says Kendall at the end of the video. "I need to go bury my dog."

So far, it is unclear if Kendall has begun the process of taking legal action against the officer who has only been identified as Officer Olsen.


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