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Man Imprisoned For Road Rage Killing Gets Dose Of Karma

A Florida man was shot and killed in a road rage incident after being released from prison, where he was serving time for killing a man in a prior road rage incident.

According to KRON, Gary Lynn Durham was shot and killed on August 10 after another driver, 42-year-old Robert Padgett, stopped his car, got out, and approached Durham. The two began arguing, and Padgett allegedly pulled out a gun and fired at Durham.

When emergency responders arrived at the scene, Padgett was attempting to give CPR to Durham, but he was unsuccessful. 

According to the sheriff's office, Durham was recently released from prison after serving 11 years for killing a man in a similar road rage incident.

A spokesman for the sheriff's office says Padgett is cooperating with the department's investigation and that he will not be arrested.

Family members and friends of Durham say they were not surprised to hear the news of his death, saying that he had a long history of anger issues and violence. In addition to the time served for the first road rage incident, Durham had previously served time for grand theft and aggravated assault.

The road rage incident for which Durham was imprisoned took place in Tampa in 2001. Durham went into a fit of rage after exchanging heated words and hand gestures with another man while driving. He followed the other driver into a parking lot. 

The victim was 48-year-old Timothy Gibbs, a cancer survivor who had just become a grandfather. Durham punched Gibbs so hard that he went brain dead. He lay in the hospital for several days before passing away from his injuries.

Gibbs' widow Nancy spoke to WFLA after learning the news of Durham's death, KRON reports.

"I know it's not the Christian thing to say, but this is poetic justice," she said.

Sources: KRONMad World News / Photo credit: KRON

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