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British Man Who Attacked Mosque Found Dead In Prison


A British man serving a 12-month sentence for attacking a mosque died in prison.

Kevin Crehan, 35, was found dead at the prison in Bristol, England, on Dec. 27, according to the Bath Chronicle.

The cause of death was not yet known.

“As with all deaths in custody, the independent Prisons and Probation Ombudsman will investigate,” a prison spokesman told The Sun.

Crehan, along with three others, was involved in an attack of the Jamia Mosque in Bristol's Totterdown suburb on Jan. 17, 2016.

According to Metro, Crehan was part of a “racist gang” that put slices of bacon on the door handles of the Jamia Mosque, scattered bacon sandwiches near its entrance, and yelled racist slurs at people who were praying inside.

The group also put a St. George's Cross flag, considered to be a racist symbol to many Britons, according to The Telegraph, outside the mosque with the words, “No Mosques.”

Crehan was convicted of the crime, along with 48-year-old Mark Bennett, who was given a nine-month sentence and has already been released, reported the Bath Chronicle.

Bennett's wife, Alison Bennett, 46, was given a six-month suspended sentence for her involvement.

Another woman, Angela Swales, 31, was handed a four-month suspended prison term.

Judge Julian Lambert issued the sentences and said the incident was an “attack on England” and “the principles of freedom of religion.”

This isn't the first time Britons have been convicted of vandalizing mosques with bacon.

In 2013, an 18-year-old Scottish woman, Chelsea Lambie, was sentenced to 12 months in prison for wrapping bacon on the handles of a mosque door, according to the BBC.

Investigators found a text message on Lambie's phone that read, "Went to the mosque in Edinburgh and wrapped bacon round the door handles, opened the door and threw it in ha ha ha." 

Sources: Bath Chronicle, The Sun, Metro, BBC, The Telegraph / Photo credit: South West News Service via The Sun

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