Man Who Used To Blast Stay At Home Moms Learns Valuable Lesson

One dad thought, like some other people out there apparently do, that his stay at home wife wasn’t doing an equal amount of work when he went to his job every day. However, when the tables were eventually turned, he was in for a big wake up call.

“I owe an apology to women everywhere. Specifically, to stay at home moms,” wrote blogger Daddy Fishkins in his now viral letter. “I used to be like a lot of men who have this notion that mothers who stay home with the kids all day are either not pulling their weight, or are just sitting around doing nothing the entire day. In the past, I would often get agitated with my wife when certain things around the house didn’t get done by the time I got home from work. I was guilty of thinking more than once that ‘it must be nice to sit around all day and watch TV.’ How wrong was I? Dead wrong.”

The blogger explains that his wife recently returned to work, which forced him to become a stay at home dad. He says that at first, he thought it would be an easy job and that he would get a lot of stuff done around the house that his wife never got done, but quickly, he learned just how difficult it really is.

"Every given day is different," he wrote. "I didn’t add in the sick days, the one hour melt downs, the various random messes, the errands, the castles I have to build out of blocks, the shampoo I have to clean off the floor, the dish-washing detergent that I have to clean out of the dog’s water dish, refolding the clean laundry that the kids have strewn all over the house, the pee puddles that I have to clean up from when the baby rips off her diaper and pees on the kitchen floor, the baths I have to give mid-day because one of them thought it would be funny to splash around in a mud puddle, the re-hanging of curtains that the kids have ripped from the walls, putting drawers back into the dressers that they’ve pulled out and slid around the house like cars, and so forth and so on."

“So whomever gets home from work, whether it be the husband or the wife, they have no idea what their spouse has been through during the day,” wrote the blogger after outlining the events of one particular day.

In the end, Daddy Fishkins says he now knows just how hard of a job it is to be a stay at home parent.

“So, in closing, I sincerely apologize to any and every woman I’ve ever said anything negative about, or joked about in regards to being a stay at home mom,” concluded the blogger. “It’s not easy. In fact it’s the hardest job I’ve ever had.”

Take a look at the full letter here.


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