Man Who Tried to Shut Down Kid's Lemonade Stand May Be Running An Illegal Business

The 61-year-old sour lemon who has repeatedly tried to shut down his 12-year-old neighbor’s adorable sidewalk lemonade stand may be one rusty pot calling the kettle black. 

Doug Wilkey, of Dunedin, Florida, has made several attempts to ruin young T.J. Guerrero’s innocent business for reasons none of his neighbors agreed with: he claims the lemonade stand is an “illegal business” that brings traffic, noise and illegal parking – and poses a health risk to customers, as reported by Opposing Views.

But, as police recently learned, Wilkey may be running an illegal business out of his own home, reports the Washington Post.

The man has been using his home address for a business he runs called Bayport Financial Service and is reportedly doing so without a valid business license from the city of Dunedin, reports the Tampa Bay Times.

All home-based business owners must sign an affidavit agreeing to following the rules and owners must also fork over about $45 a year for a business license.

“The irony is (Wilkey’s) not following the rules either, or doesn’t appear to be,” said Planning director Greg Rice.

Guerrero, meanwhile, has been experiencing a business boom since the nation has learned of his difficulties trying to keep his lemonade stand – well, standing. He has appeared on "Fox & Friends" and has had anonymous donors and groups bring him supplies and host their own lemonade fundraisers to support the preteen. He has donated a portion of his lemonade proceeds to charity and is saving the rest.

“This situation has taught me to not let one person knock me down,” Guerrero said. “and to just get right back up.”

Sources: Washington Post, Opposing Views, Tampa Bay Times

Photo Credit: EvinDC/Flickr, Tampa Bay Times


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