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Man Who Tried To Run Over Alligator With Car Learns Hard Way Why That Was A Bad Idea (Video)

A man who tried to get in the way of a ferocious alligator learned the hard way he was no match for the massive creature.

A viral clip (below) shows the man in a truck approaching an alligator, driving through grass.

The man seems to believe that he can keep driving through the alligator and that his presence would make the animal move out of the way, but as he gets closer, the gator just grows more agitated.

As the truck driver attempts to slowly push his way through, the alligator opens its mouth to warn the motorist.

Still trying to prove his dominance, the truck driver once again tried to move forward, but the alligator seems to get even angrier.

Finally, as the driver attempts for what he probably believes is the last time to push through, the gator suddenly bites the front bumper of the truck and rips the entire thing off with its teeth.

The 30-second clip is completely satisfying, and it’s easy to see why it has gone viral. Hopefully this driver finally learned that he’s no match for an alligator.

Check out the viral clip below.

Sources: Mad World News, BoingBoing

Photo Sources: Screenshots from YouTube


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