Man Who Tried To Rob Five Motorcyclists Is Dead Because One Of Them Was An Off-Duty Officer

An armed man who allegedly tried to rob five motorcyclists standing outside a motorcycle club in New York City ended up dead on June 13 at the hands of an off-duty corrections officer.

Wearing a bandana over his face, the suspect reportedly revealed a gun and demanded the keys to all of the men’s motorcycles. The incident happened at about 10:30 p.m. in Queens, reports say.

One of the five men the suspect was trying to rob has been reported by Controversial News to be Alfredo Perez, a New York State corrections officer, although police did not initially reveal the name of the officer.

Perez was off duty at the time of the alleged attempted robbery in which the five bikers were held at gunpoint, and carrying a concealed handgun. Instead of giving in to the robber’s demands, Perez reportedly drew his concealed gun and shot the suspect in the head, killing him.

Police have not released the identity of the dead man, but did say he was 26 years old and had a criminal history. Police recovered the gun the suspect was carrying.

The suspect was shot twice in the head. He was taken to Jamaica hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly after arriving.

Pix 11 reported that evidence of the incident was apparent the next morning where medical gloves were still on the ground outside what has been described as a popular motorcycle club. Controversial News reported it as N.W.O. Motorcycle Club in New York.

According to a Pix 11 report the morning following the deadly incident, the people living right above the motorcycle club described the club members as safe and kind. The neighbors did not want to appear on camera, but some told Pix 11 that although the neighborhood gets noisy and crowded when the club is open, they feel club members protect the neighborhood.

The club also has security cameras mounted outside.

New York Police Department is still investigating the incident.

Sources: Controversial Times, Pix 11

Photo Credit: Screenshot via Controversial Times


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