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Dad Who Threw Infant Off Bridge Gets 70 Years (Photo)

A Connecticut father who threw his 7-month-old son off a bridge in the middle of an alleged suicide attempt was sentenced to 70 years in prison on May 31.

Three months after he was convicted for killing the child, Tony Moreno, 23, was given 60 years in prison for murder and 10 years for risk of injury, WFSB reports.

Tony was reportedly out taking the baby for a stroll in July 2015 when he tried to kill himself, KTLA reports. Tony's mother, Denise Moreno, says he had called her the night before to let him know he wanted to jump.

He says the baby, Aaden, slipped out of his hands and fell into the water from the Arrigoni Bridge in Middletown, Connecticut. When police arrived, they found Tony jumping 100 feet into the Connecticut River himself, reportedly in an attempt to follow through on his suicide threat.

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Although he was injured, he survived the fall.

He was later charged with murder. It was revealed he had previously been accused of threatening the baby and his mother.

"Enjoy your new life without us," Tony allegedly texted Aaden's mother, Adrianne Oyola, the Daily Mail reports. "'He's dead. Soon I will be too."

Oyola had filed for a restraining order about a month before the baby's death. It was denied at the time for unknown reasons.

“I feel that he is a danger to my child and me ... He wanted to give up all rights to his child," Oyola wrote. "Tells the baby this everyday multiple times a day."

"I’m afraid he’s going to do something to my son," she later added. "He is angry and probably isn’t thinking straight. He has told me he could make my son disappear anytime of the day. He told me how he could make me disappear told me how he could kill me. I sometimes am scared to sleep. He told me he would put in the ground and put something on me to make me disinigrate faster."

"This monster he’s being portrayed of is not the person I gave birth to or lived," Denise said at his sentencing hearing.

While Oyola says she has tried to forgive Tony, she has not be able to.

"Every time I wake up, I pray the nightmare will be over and my son will be in my arms," she said during the sentencing. "I won't see my son grow up. You took my whole world in front of me. You took my life."

Sources: WFSB, KTLA, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Denimadept/Wikimedia Commons, Middletown Police via KTLA

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