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Man Who Sued DC Metro After Banana Peel Injury Caught on Camera Planting Peel Himself (Video)

A man who sued the Washington Metro after sustaining injuries from slipping on a banana peel in an elevator at a train station is now being charged with second-degree fraud thanks to surveillance footage of him planting the peel.

42-year-old Maurice Owens is clearly shown on camera walking into the empty elevator, reaching into his pocket, and then looking up at the security camera with a worried look on his face. As he waits for the elevator to open, the banana peel is suddenly on the ground by the doors, and while the video doesn’t show Owens dropping the peel on the ground, it is clear that the peel was not there when he walked in.

The end of the video shows the doors opening and Owens slipping on the peel as he exits the elevator. He immediately gets up, but according to reports, he was taken to Howard University Hospital for treatment of his supposed injuries. Just two weeks after the incident, Owens filed a lawsuit against Washington Metro for $15,000.

Now, a judge has thrown out his lawsuit after watching the surveillance video, and Owens is being charged with second-degree fraud. Washington Metro says that the investment in the cameras was obviously well worth it and it is “protecting fare-paying riders and the region's taxpayers from fraudulent claims.”

Watch the incriminating surveillance video below.


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