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Man Who Rescued Woman From Sinking Car Notices Something Odd As Car Is Being Towed Away (Video)

Nearly 10 years later, the details surrounding the rescue of a woman stuck in her sinking car almost a decade ago still have people stumped.

In 2006, Charlene Deherrera found herself stuck in her locked car as she began to sink into deep waters during a rainstorm while on her way home from work. Bystanders attempted to save her from the car as it slowly plunged into the waters with the windows completely rolled up, but nobody was able to help her. The safety glass windows wouldn’t break, and all hope appeared to be lost.

Suddenly, as the situation started to get worse, Howard Absetz says he was able to reach through the front window and grab her out. Finally, with the help of the other rescuers, Deherrera was dragged to shore.

Later, when investigators got her car out of the water, they were shocked to discover that all of the windows were still completely closed – none had been opened. To this day, Absetz can’t explain how he was able to pull her out of the car while the windows were shut.

“There was something there, I can’t explain it,” Absetz said, according to IJReview. “But something happened for her to be able to be alive today and me be able to pull her out.”

Almost a decade later, the story of this rescue is still as baffling, and many people have chalked it up to what they say is simply a “miracle.”

Check out video of the incredible rescue below.

Sources: IJReviewThe Haunted Chef / Photo Source: IJReview


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