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Man Who Raped 5-Year-Old Girl Learns His Fate

A Tulsa, Oklahoma, man convicted of raping a 5-year-old girl has been sentenced to life in prison.

Kyle Hancock, 29, requested a 15-year sentence and offered to have himself castrated if it meant less than 20 years behind bars. The judge denied the request and gave Hancock life behind bars without the chance for parole.

Hancock had been previously convicted of sex crimes and had not registered his new address with police, as he was required to do. He broke into a home and raped a 5-year-old girl in May 2014.

He said that he picked a stranger because he couldn’t put someone he knew through it.

The girl’s mother, identified only as Lamanda, woke up to her daughter’s cries and saw him. She immediately attacked him, kicking and hitting until he escaped out a window.

Police captured him hours later. A woman had called the police with a tip. She saw reports about the assault and tracked the suspect to his apartment using the Internet.

After the arrest, Hancock was led into the jail in a white plastic jumpsuit to preserve evidence on him, reports News On 6.

Several witnesses were able to link Hancock to the crime. One man was with him at the time of his arrest. According to the police report, he confronted Hancock about the rape.

“Kyle Hancock then told the male witness hat he was the one that sexually assaulted the girl and that he stated to the witness, ‘I have a demon in me,’” the officer who arrested Hancock said, reports News On 6.

Hancock stood up in court and asked for a moment of silence for his victims. He said a prayer for them and said that it wasn’t their fault and asked for their forgiveness. The judge then delivered his lifetime sentence.

The district attorney said Hancock’s speech and prayer were "a joke." He said Hancock’s letters from jail claimed the victims were lying, even though DNA evidence was found inside the little girl.

Hancock had claimed that the girl was coached and that the police planted evidence.

Later he retracted. If he did it, Hancock had said, he was drugged or temporarily insane. He then tried to have his family lie for him and frame others, reports News On 6.

He eventually pleaded guilty and also confessed that he videotaped the rape on his phone. He admitted to having molested many other children, including relatives and children of his friends.

Hancock claims that his bad childhood, drugs or an illness made him do it. Lamanda was unmoved.

“I just keep in mind it’s coming from someone very tormented inside. Obviously he has issues, so anything he states or believes is illegitimate.”

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