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Man Who Murdered 2-Year-Old Girl Sentenced To At Least 22 Years In Prison

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Kevin Park will serve at least 22 years in prison after a jury found him guilty of murdering 2-year-old Madison Horn while he babysat her.

The brutal attack occurred when Madison’s mother, Anne Marie White, allowed her then-partner Park to babysit her daughter. Although White, 22, had only been in a relationship with Park, 27, for five months when she let him babysit Madison, White insisted that her daughter often shouted for him when he was out of the house and that the two got along well. On April 20, White allowed Park to stay home with Madison while she attended a friend’s birthday party.

Park murdered the 2-year-old girl by repeatedly banging her head against a wall, according to police. During an investigation into the home by forensic experts, a strand of Madison’s hair was discovered in one of two indentations on a hallway wall. A dressing gown, which bore Park’s DNA, contained clumps of hair on it that still had roots, suggesting that the hair had been pulled from the scalp.

Park called an ambulance at 6:15 p.m. the night of Madison’s murder, 15 minutes after a neighbor reported hearing a child scream. White immediately returned home to Park, who claimed that Madison had fallen from her bed.

Despite Park’s denial of murder, a jury of nine men and six women found him unanimously guilty of murder and sentenced him to a minimum of 22 years in prison.

“The question of when you will be released, if indeed you are ever released, is not a matter for me,” Judge Michael O’Grady said. “That will be a matter for the Parole Board. In reality, no sentence I can impose can truly reflect the sheer awfulness of what you have done.”

Following the eight-day trial, it was revealed that Park had 38 previous convictions including one of domestic assault and four others. At the time of Madison’s murder, Park was under a restriction of liberty order, which he had breached.

White said that while it’s been a difficult time for her and her family, she’s glad that justice has been served.

Sources: Mirror, DailyMail

Photo Source: Mirror


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