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Man Who Made Online Threat Against NYPD Released Without Bail

An alleged gang member who was charged for posting threats against police officers on Facebook was let go without bail by a judge.

According to reports, 18-year-old Devon Coley was arraigned early this week on a charge of making a terroristic threat. Following the execution of NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, Coley reportedly posted a photo (from a movie) on Facebook of a gunman shooting at a patrol car with the caption, “73Nextt.” The caption is reportedly a reference to the 73rd precinct in Coley’s Brooklyn neighborhood.

Coley reportedly confessed to posting the photo but claims that he online shared it after someone else posted it. The man’s lawyer told the judge that his client was planning on following through with the alleged threat, but prosecutors pushed for the judge to hold Coley on $250,000 bail.

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Ultimately, Criminal Court Judge Laura Johnson released Coley without bail – a move that angered many and had some calling for her resignation.

“She should resign from the bench,” Dennis Quirk, head of the state court officers union, said, according to the NY Post “She’s not fit to be a judge.”

Some reports say that Coley is a member of the ATC/180HII Crew gang.

Sources:NY Post, KRON 4 News, Newsday / Photo Source: KRON 4 News, NY Post


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