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Convicted Murderer Live Streams Own Shooting


A man reportedly live streamed his own shooting on Facebook.

According to ABC 7, the victim, 31-year-old Brian Fields, was standing on a street corner when someone walked up and fired at him, then escaped in a vehicle.

A video posted to Facebook showed the shooting live as it unfolded.

Fields, known by friends as Sugar Ray, had recently come back to his Chicago, Illinois, neighborhood and was live streaming to Facebook about the store behind him.

As he was recording the video, shots were fired in his direction.

"I heard shots, about nine or 10 shots, then the fellow fell down," a witness told ABC 7.

Fields' mother told the Chicago Tribune that she found her son wounded shortly after the shooting occurred.

"I seen my baby lying on the ground," she said according to Daily Mail. She claimed that she met with her son at a gas station before the shooting, as he was visiting from out of town. Fields was brought to nearby Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was placed on a ventilator in intensive care and listed in critical condition.

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Police Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told the Chicago Tribune that officers are "increasingly confident" that the video is authentic.

"However, we have yet to formally interview the victim given that he is currently in critical condition." Two motives are currently being explored: whether the attack was gang related or if it was retaliation for Fields' second-degree murder conviction in 2009.

Timothy Pore, who is believed to be Fields' father, took to Facebook to express his gratitude for support from loved ones and friends.

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According to reports, nine additional people were affected by gun violence in Chicago on the day Fields was shot.

Sources: Chicago Tribune, ABC 7, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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