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Man Who Impregnated 24 Women Wants More Kids (Video)

Man Who Impregnated 24 Women Wants More Kids (Video) Promo Image

He has 29 children with 24 different women, but he's not looking to slow down just yet.

Ari Nagel, better known as "the sperminator," said he has given his semen to women in a Target bathroom and ''the old fashioned way" through intercourse, and he's looking to keep doing it for at least a few more years (video below).

The 42-year-old college professor, who has three children on the way, explained on an episode of "The Maury Show" that doctors have said his sperm is "off the charts," although he prefers to describe it as "super sperm," according to the Daily Mail. 

His sperm count is reportedly around 85 million per millimeter, far higher than the 20 million per millimeter that is considered normal. 

"I've given my sperm to women in public restrooms, at casinos," he told TV host Maury Povich. "I even gave it in a solo cup at a cook out. Sometimes [women] want to do it the old fashioned way, sometimes they want it in a cup, sometimes we'd go to a fertility clinic and do it there. Sometimes I've even mailed it to them."

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Nagel has three children of his own with his former wife Roxanne, with whom he is estranged due to problems that arose surrounding his sperm donations.

"She didn't support it," he told the New York Post of his relationship in June 2016. "She always wanted me to be a regular, traditional spouse."

The relationship fizzled around the time stories about him fathering so many children spread.

He is a full-time father to the children he has with Roxanne, and sees the others anywhere from every day to only on special occasions, depending on the wishes of the mother, according to the Daily Mail. He keeps track of his children with a spreadsheet.

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"If someone asks me for my semen, I will not turn them down," he said. "Women have offered to pay for my flight to Israel, Taiwan, Vietnam and almost every state in the U.S. Any race, any religion, gay or straight -- I won't turn any woman away."

When he provides his services "the old fashioned way," the woman's partner sometimes joins them in bed "to feel like they're playing a role in helping conceive the child," he said.

He never accepts monetary payment, even though he said he has been sued for child support and currently pays it for nine of the children.

"That's more than half my paycheck," he added.

He plans to dial it back around the time he turns 50, but he has plenty of time until then to add to his family around the world.

"Hopefully by the time I'm 70 I'll have hundreds of kids calling me 'grandpa,'" he said.

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