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Man Who Fatally Stabbed Friend’s Grandmother 40 Times Says It Was Self-Defense

A British man accused of fatally stabbing the 75-year-old grandmother of his friend and stealing $167 in pension money says he acted in self-defense.

Liam Naylor, 23, allegedly told his friend that he was trying to get money for a night out before he went to the home of Doreen Walker.

Naylor is charged with stabbing her more than 40 times and leaving her body on the floor with a carving knife sticking out of her back. Her nose was smashed and her right arm was broken. Prosecutors told the court that Walker was covered in so much blood that she was “unrecognizable.”

“During this later attack he cut his own hand leaving his own blood on the knife and on the back door handle as he made his way out of the house,” prosecutor Simon Waley told the court.

That same night Naylor, who is unemployed, went out drinking with Walker’s 17-year-old granddaughter, Keeley Sweeney. Naylor was treating friends to drinks, insisting it was “his turn to pay,” Sheffield Crown Court heard.

He was later arrested in Skegness after fleeing with Sweeney, the Daily Mail reported. He denied the murder.

Police found CCTV footage of him entering Walker’s home on April 1 after she had picked up her pension from a local store.

Waley alleged that Naylor went to the home to steal the pension money and that he had been encouraged to do so by Sweeney.

Naylor claimed Walker came towards him with a knife and he stabbed her because he felt threatened. The prosecution dismissed the allegation.

“It was a suggestion put forward in desperation to avoid a conviction for murder,” Waley said.

The murder trial is ongoing.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Star

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / TESFox, Myspace


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