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Man Who Faked Hate Crime Against Himself Sentenced To Two And A Half Years In Prison For Perjury And Arson

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A Virginia man was sentenced to two years and six months in prison after his plan to stage a hate crime against himself backfired. The man, 42-year-old Olander Cuthrell, admitted that he had faked the crime against himself and subsequently lied to an FBI agent while he was under oath. 

Cuthrell claimed that he set fire to his porch and his car, and spray painted racial slurs on his house. When a federal civil rights inquiry was launched in response to the incident, Cuthrell lied by telling an FBI agent that he did not know who was responsible for the incident, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports.

District Judge James R. Spencer sentenced Cuthrell to six months in prison after he admitted his wrongdoings, but the man also must serve a two year, state mandated arson sentence. According to the Times-Dispatch, Cuthrell admitted in court that he has been undergoing counseling and was “ready to be sentenced.”

The motives behind Cuthrell’s decision to fake the hate crime are not entirely certain. After setting fire to his car and his porch, Cuthrell allegedly returned to his house, took off his clothes and fell asleep, “waiting for the house to burn down,” according to county prosecutor Laura Khawaja. The flames were put out after Cuthrell’s son discovered and extinguished them.

It is clear, however, that the man deeply regrets his decision. “It was the most irrational decision that I made in my life. I can’t say just how bad I hate it,” Cuthrell stated after his initial two year sentence, according to the Blaze. 


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