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Man Who Caught Massive Grouper By Hand To Be Included In Louisiana Record Book

A Texas man was fishing off the Louisiana coast when he caught a huge fish and now, his name is set to be written into the state’s record book.

Cullen Greer went fishing on Saturday and was about 35 miles away from land when he caught the massive fish. According to his own account, Greer battled the fish for half an hour before finally reeling it in, and once he actually saw it for what it was, he was stunned at its size. The gigantic fish weighs 297 pounds and measures at six and a half feet long, six feet wide.

Although this Warsaw Grouper is undeniably massive, it is actually not the largest one ever caught in the state. Experts say that this ranks as the third largest Warsaw Grouper ever caught by hand and the fifth largest one ever caught overall in Louisiana. The largest one ever caught currently weighs in at 359 pounds.

Greer’s name will be inscribed into the Louisiana record books once the catch is verified by the Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association.

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