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Man Accused Of Burning Jessica Chambers Alive Set To Be Extradited

Quinton Tellis, who is currently in Louisiana facing charges of stabbing a woman to death in that state, is being extradited to Mississippi to be tried for the murder of another woman.

In February, Tellis was indicted by a grand jury for the 2014 murder of Jessica Chambers, who was burned alive on a back road in Panola County, notes WHBQ.  

He is accused of pouring flammable liquid on 19-year-old Chambers and then setting her on fire while she was still alive. By the time emergency responders arrived, she was burned over 98 percent of her body.

According to District Attorney John Champion, it could be more than a year before the case goes to trial, which is expected to begin sometime in 2017.

Champion explained: “The discovery in this case is quite voluminous, and it's going to take the defense lawyers quite a while to be able to go through everything that we've done over the course of 16 months. So I'm going to give them as much leeway as they need.”

Tellis was the last person Chambers was with, Champion told People Magazine:

We came to the realization that he was with her at 6 o'clock. Their phones were absolutely together in Batesville. We found out he was in Louisiana in jail down there and one thing led to another, and he kept lying to us, and every time we'd bust his lies, he'd change his story, and he basically put himself with Jessica until 7:26. We know she was on the scene until 7:31. So the chances of her being with somebody else for 4 minutes just doesn't make sense.

Sources: WHBQ, People / Photo credit: Ouachita Parish Sheriff via The Clarion-Ledger

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