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Man Who Brutally Murdered Husband And Pregnant Wife Sentenced

Six years after the horrific murder of the Husted family, the man who admitted to killing the Faria Beach, California, couple and their unborn child has been sentenced to three consecutive life sentences.

Joshua Graham Packer, now 25, murdered Brock and Davina Husted, and their unborn baby on May 20, 2009. He entered their home wearing a motorcycle helmet with the intention to commit a robbery.  The burglary ended with Packer killing them in front of their other children.

Packer also sexually assaulted six-month-pregnant Davina, reports The Daily Mail.

"He became sexually stimulated while killing people, covered in their blood," said prosecutor Mike Frawley. "It's difficult to get one's mind around it."

Packer stabbed Brock and Davina more than 20 times each. 

The Husteds' two young children, a then 9-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter, were not physically harmed in the attack. The son had gone to get money from his mother’s purse for Packer. When he returned, Packer was stabbing his parents with a kitchen knife in the bedroom.

The child told police his parents made Packer promise to not harm him or his sleeping sister and he agreed.

After Packer left the home, the boy woke his sister, Isabella, and they checked on their parents' bodies. They then locked the bedroom door and escaped through a window to a neighbor’s house.

"Joshua Packer has stolen so much from me and my family. He has caused me tremendous pain," said Isabella, now 16, in court.

"I never believed there was evil in this world" until that night, Isabella said, "but my mother taught me well. She taught me though there is evil in the world, there is also love."

Police linked Packer to the murders in 2010 by DNA testing of a sample taken when he was suspected of robbing a gas station in Santa Barbara County in California. 

The sample matched DNA found on the motorcycle helmet’s visor used by the Husteds' killer.

Prosecutors removed the death penalty option after Packer pleaded guilty to three counts of murder in December 2014, reports ABC 7.

Packer did not address the court during sentencing because “that would take away from the family’s statement,” according to his attorney.

Packer will serve three consecutive life sentences without the chance for parole.

Sources: The Daily Mail, ABC 7 / Photo Source: The Daily Mail


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