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Man Who Beheaded Mother Accidentally Let Out Of Mental Health Center

A man who beheaded his mother in 2010 was accidentally dismissed from a Toronto mental health center on Monday. According to Toronto police, someone at the Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) accidentally issued Thomas Brailsford a day pass to leave the complex. Brailsford was found two days later.

In 2010, Brailsford was charged with first degree murder after he beheaded his mother. Although he was known to have carried out the crime, a court declared him not criminally responsible for the death on account of his mental health. Brailsford has been in CAMH ever since.

Brailsford caused quite the scare in Toronto on Monday when he was declared “unlawfully at large” by police. Someone at CAMH had issued him a day pass and he failed to return. Toronto police asked for help from the public to find him, and on Wednesday he was spotted and detained. He was found not far from CAMH.

After Brailsford was returned to CAMH, Toronto police thanked the media and public for their help in tracking him down. 

Sources: Sun News, The Star


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