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Man Who Allegedly Raped Child Said Victim Sent Him "Mixed Signals"

Damon Lee Wells, 36, of Dalton, Pennsylvania, has been charged with 76 counts of raping a child, 75 counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a person under 16, 75 counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse when the victim was a child, and 70 counts of aggravated indecent assault of a child, among others.

In total, Wells faces more than 1,500 counts stemming from 8 years of abuse that started when the female victim was 7 years old. 

According to a police complaint, the victim, who is now 15, told the police that Wells would inappropriately touch her when she was a child. The abuse escalated over time. When she was 11, Wells allegedly raped her in his bedroom. Until she was 13, she performed oral sex on him and when she was 14 he performed oral sex on her. 

The victim said the abuse occurred when her mother wasn’t home and that she was afraid to fight back. She also presented texts Wells allegedly sent her, including one in which he asked “if she would pleasure him.” The victim said no.

Wells claimed the victim consented to the sex and added that  “she used to send him mixed signals,” according to court documents. The victim could not legally consent to sex as she is a minor and Wells couldn’t explain how exactly she sent him “mixed signals.”

The Wyoming County DA’s office didn’t say if there were other victims, but he is due back in court in 5 weeks.

Sources: WNEP, The Scranton Times Tribune Image via The Scranton Times Tribune


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