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Man Who Allegedly Killed Parents Called The Murder 'The Last Solution'

A New York man who reportedly killed his parents called murder “the last solution,” during his trial on Jan. 27.

Gregory Cucchiara, 39, allegedly drowned his mother in 2011, and is accused of killing his father by smothering him with a pillow in 2012, the New York Post reports.

Cucchiara’s DNA was discovered under the fingernails of both victims, police say.

He says his sister and others killed his father.

“On the night in question, I'm going to show all of you how I believe that there was more than one killer in the basement apartment while he was being murdered,” he said, reports the New York Daily News. “I'm also going to show you how it's mathematically and physically impossible for me to have committed this atrocity. I'm going to do this with nothing but cold hard facts.”

Cucchiara, who is representing himself, also called his mother’s death an accident.

“Throughout this trial, I am going to need all of you to believe as I do. And that's that no one killed my mother, ladies and gentlemen. Her death was an unfortunate accident. I blame myself for her death,” he said.

Cucchiara claims he tried to save his mother with CPR, but his father -- Carmelo Cucchiara -- believed his son murdered her.

When prosecutor Jared Rosenblatt asked Cucchiara whether he knew murder is wrong, Cucchiara replied: "Murder is always the last solution."

He moved out immediately to live near his daughter, but kept a distance from his son.

The day before Carmelo's murder, Cucchiara said he was supposed to meet his father who failed to show up.

“I was upset, I don’t know about anger,” he said.

Cucchiara’s motives are unclear, but it’s been revealed he was a drug addict who often fought with his parents -- who ran successful businesses and owned a mansion -- over money.

“They always tried to help him,” said his sister, Francesca Ciaccio, 40. “Always trying to help someone that doesn’t want to be helped is impossible -- but it’s their son and they didn’t want to see him homeless.”

“We tried to do interventions but drug users have to want help,” she added. “You can’t force them. He didn’t want help. Our hands were tied.”

Sources: New York Post, New York Daily News(2) / Photo credit: New York Daily News

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