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Man Who Accidentally Hit And Killed Five-Year-Old Boy: "S*** Happens, Life Goes On"

A British man who was traveling at twice the legal speed limit when he ran over a five-year-old boy and killed him insulted the victim’s family outside the courtroom, saying, “S*** happens, life goes on.”

31-year-old Wayne Payne was sentenced to five years in jail after he accidentally killed five-year-old Cameron Ward while traveling 61mph in a 30mph speed zone. Ward was riding his bicycle across the street with his father, mother, and four-week-old sister when Payne struck him.

Following Payne’s sentencing, Judge Stuart Rafferty allowed him to go home for the weekend to see his daughters on compassionate release, but following his insensitive statement, Judge Rafferty immediately threw him in jail.

“You were let out on trust by me for the weekend and the fact that you behaved in that way is a very unfortunate state of affairs,” said Judge Rafferty. “A five-year-old boy has lost his life before he even had a chance to begin to live. If you had just been a few seconds later you would have hit four people and not two. You were not doing 35mph, or even 40mph, you were doing twice the speed limit and I’m satisfied that you had been doing that along the entire length of the road. It was grossly excessive and there was no legitimate reason at all for driving in that way. Mr Ward was blameless, but he will continue to ask himself if it was his fault. One can only imagine his horror as a responsible parent when he saw the speed at which the vehicle was approaching him at and he realized that there was nowhere for him to go. The last memory the parents have of their little boy will not be a happy one, it will be the sight of him after you had hit him.”

Payne’s defense attorney Gulan Ahmed confirmed that his client was sorry for what he did, despite his cold statement after sentencing.

“He is remorseful and sorry for what he did,” said Ahmed. “He has two daughters himself and he puts himself in the position of the victims and tells me that he wishes he could turn back time and undo what he has done, but he can’t. He is going to have to live with what he did until the day of his own death.”

Sources: Mirror, Birmingham Mail, Metro


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