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Man Accused Of Raping Child In Chick-fil-A Bathroom

Man Accused Of Raping Child In Chick-fil-A Bathroom Promo Image

A Florida day care worker has been arrested and accused of sexually assaulting a 2-year-old child in a Chick-fil-A bathroom. 

David Gray, 35, was arrested after another customer at the Chick-fil-A noticed him acting suspiciously in a bathroom stall with the child.

The customer told police that he saw a reflection of Gray and the child in a bathroom stall in which they were both naked from the waist down, according to the Daily Mail.

"[The witness] was not sure if the baby was bouncing or if they were having sex," a police report said, according to WFTV. "[The witness] stated he flushed the toilet on purpose to let the man hear him in the bathroom. [The witness] stated, if he panics, he must be doing something wrong."

Gray, who was in a motorized wheelchair, panicked at the sound and rushed to get dressed and leave the bathroom.

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When Gray left the stall, he pulled out a stun gun and threatened to "f***ing kill" the customer, the Orlando Sentinel reports. 

Gray then ran over the customer's foot and left the bathroom with the child. 

"Call the police, a child is being abused in the bathroom," the customer yelled out, according to the Sentinel.

Gray was later arrested and charged with sexual battery of a child younger than 12, lewd or lascivious battery and molestation, child abuse, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

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Gray's wheelchair was taken into evidence and he could later be seen walking in handcuffs with the support of two police officers. 

A Chick-fil-A employee told police that Gray visited the restaurant at least twice a week with a woman and children. He had also taken the same 2-year-old into the bathroom before, the employee told police, according to the Sentinel.

Before the arrest, Gray worked for the 2-year-old's family as a home day care provider, according to WOFL.

After an interview with police, Gray said he would tell the truth and not deny the charges. 

"What else am I going to do, might as well get it over," he said, according to the Sentinel. 

Gray's former landlord told WOFL that she would have never suspected Gray of this crime. 

"He was just great," she said. "He was great with the kids, great with paying his rent on time. I never seen any signs." 

Sources: Daily Mail, Orlando Sentinel, WOFL, WFTV / Featured Image: Mike Mozart/Flickr / Embedded Images: Orange County Police via Daily Mail, Orlando Police via WOFL

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