Man Went Into Rage Over Bad Haircut, Say Police

Alan Becker allegedly went into a rage because he didn’t like his new haircut or the $50 cost.

The incident reportedly happened at the Loft Salon in Stamford, Connecticut, on Wednesday.

"He was just very irate about his haircut," Stamford Police Sgt. Kelly Connelly told the Hartford Courant. "He did not like the way that it was cut."

Police claim that Becker started throwing objects, including a wreath and candle, and "kicked a hole in the wall, and went off on a swearing tirade to employees and customers," noted WFSB.

Becker reportedly left the salon, but later returned and was "demanding the stylist fix his hair," say police, but the salon owner called 911 instead.

Officers charged Becker with breaching the peace and third-degree criminal mischief.

Sources: Hartford Courant, WFSB
Image Credit: Stamford Police Department Media Handout


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