Man Wears T-Shirt with 'N-Word' to Trayvon Martin Rally (Video)


At a recent rally for Trayvon Martin in Wichita, Kan., two unidentified men showed up wearing T-shirts, one of which had the "n-word."

The T-shirt read: “This shirt can say n---er because it’s black," noted

The other man's T-shirt mentioned the "f-word" and not "fixing computers."

(Note: The writing on the T-shirts was blurred by Opposing Views, but can be seen in the video below).

“Don’t fall for the bait, man. Don’t fall for the bait," one of the protesters told the demonstrators, who were not violent.

Shortly after the two men were confronted by the protesters, they quickly walked away and got inside their car.

When asked by a cameraman shooting a video (below) of the incident, one of the men said, "It's alright, the shirt is black."

Wichita police arrived moments later. The two men were not arrested, but were ordered to leave.



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