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Adopted Dog That Went Viral Now Might Be Taken Away

Local city officials in Waterford, Michigan, may be taking away a man’s newly-adopted dog after his photo went viral and captured hearts worldwide.

Dan Tillery adopted Sir Wiggleton, also known as Diggy, from Detroit Dog Rescue after the dog had spent almost 100 days at a shelter, WJBK reports.

Excited, Tillery took a photo of the two which Detroit Dog Rescue posted on of its social media pages on June 6.

"We know this photo is going to break the internet and we apologize, but we had to share!" the photo caption read. "After almost 100 days in the shelter, Sir Wiggleton just got adopted. Sir Wiggleton and his new Dad are celebrating adoption day with huge smiles all around!"

The photo and Tillery’s story quickly caught the attention of thousands of people all over the world. As of June 10, over 27,000 people have liked the photo on Facebook, and more than 6,000 people have shared the story.

Diggy’s smiley face also melted the hearts of some big names.

Good Morning America, People Magazine and Yahoo are some of the major media outlets that shared Tillery and Diggy’s story, WJBK notes.

Yet the popularity came at a cost: The city of Waterford, Michigan. soon notified Tillery that the dog violated the dangerous dog/pitbull ordinance. Under this ordinance, no Waterford resident can own a pitbull.

While Tillery, Detroit Dog Rescue and even Diggy's veterinarian have said the dog is actually an American bulldog, police officers sent to the home are saying he’s a pitbull.

Many have since expressed their outrage, with some creating a CARE 2 petition to lift the Waterford ban against pitbulls.

“This ordinance has been in place for many years," the petition reads. "Many families have had to give up their family pets due to this law. It is important for all of us to come together and be a voice for not only 'Diggy' the American Bulldog, but all of the pets and people that have suffered heartache in the past years. We must remember, it is not the animal that is the beast, it is man that creates the beast. Aggressive dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and BREEDS. This should be handled on a case by case basis.”

As of June 10, the petition has garnered over 990 signatures out of a goal of 1,000.

Sources: WJBK, Detroit Dog Rescue/Facebook, CARE 2 Petition / Photo Credit:  Dan Tillery/Facebook via WJBK 

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