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Inmate Saves Guard's Life, Has Sentence Reduced

A Michigan man sentenced to one and a half to five years in prison for fleeing and eluding a police officer had his sentence commuted after he helped a corrections officer who was being assaulted by a fellow inmate.

Antonio Brown, 31, was one of several inmates who rushed to the aid of a female guard who was under attack, quite possibly saving her life, according to Michigan Live.

"You intervened at your own peril and pulled that individual off of her, probably saved her life and protected her from him attacking her again," Judge Mark Trusock said, adding that Brown would be released from prison following resolution of an unrelated probation violation.

The attack occurred when inmate Willie Williams, who is serving time for armed robbery, was let out of his cell to get a roll of toilet paper. Instead of returning to his cell, Williams hid behind a support pillar. He attacked the guard when she entered a control room.

During the attack, Williams pushed buttons that opened the doors of a number of other cells, including Brown's.

Brown was the first to enter the control room and intervene on the guard's behalf.

"He came to the officer’s aid," Kent County Sheriff Larry Stelma said. "He took the assailant and separated him from the officer. He was the first one there to help and gave her some reprieve."

Stelma later recommended that Brown's sentence be commuted, a measure that is rarely, if ever, taken.

"I've been in the office 30 plus years and I've never seen it," said Kent County Prosecutor Bill Forsyth. "Which is, I suppose, a good thing because you don’t want this sort of thing to happen very often."

Meanwhile, Williams faces more felony charges, namely escape and assault, according to Michigan Live.

"I think it's fairly obvious he was desperately trying to effectuate an escape," Stelma said, describing Williams as a "violent, dangerous, desperate person."

Brown has a substantial criminal record himself. He was previously imprisoned for drunken driving, aggravated assault and possession of methamphetamine.

Sources: Michigan Live (2) / Photo credit: Michigan Live

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