Fisherman Rescues Dog From California River (Video)


A video has surfaced of a man saving a dog from drowning in the American River in Sacramento, California (video below).

Jeff Putnam was fishing in the river May 26 when he thought he spotted a beaver in the water, according to KXTV. As the animal approached his boat, he realized he had been mistaken and that it was actually a dog.

In the video, Putnam can be seen leaning over the edge of his boat and groping desperately for the small dog's collar, which he manages to snag on his second attempt. He then pulls the dog into his boat, breathes a sigh of relief and begins looking around.

"Do you know whose dog this is?" he asks someone off camera.

There is no word on whether Putnam was able to find the dog's owner.

Sources: KXTV, FLAMAX007/YouTube / Photo credit: FLAMAX007/YouTube

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