Two Teen Girls Rescued From Cliff Above Rapids


Two teenage girls were rescued from high up a tree-lined cliff over strong rapids in Washington state.

Kailey Whisnant and Kiersten Jameyson were trapped on a steep hillside above the Carbon River for two hours on March 31, reports KOMO.

Detective Ed Troyer with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office said the 15-year-old girls were playing on a sandbar about 100 yards upriver with two other girls.

When they stepped into the river, they were overwhelmed by the strong currents and transported about 75 feet downstream.

"We started swimming and we didn't realize the current was so strong and it started picking us up," said Whisnant.

"We couldn't stop ourselves, and he kept hitting rocks, and rocks, and rocks on the bottom. That's when I grabbed [the other girl] and we rushed to the nearest place we could get which was over by the cliff and it looked like there was a trail over there.”

Whisnant and Jameyson got stuck when they managed to get out of the water on the other river bank and tried climbing up what they believed was a trail.

"We started climbing up and we got halfway and we noticed there was no trail and then the ground fell so we couldn't go back down," said Jameyson. "We just parked at a place we could rest at and then we screamed for help.”

Luckily, someone on the other side of the river saw the girls and called 911, according to ABC News.

Around 10 people assisted in the rescue with a backup team on standby and others present below in case someone fell into the rapids, according to Troyer.

Troyer said the teens were treated for minor scrapes and bruises and then released to their parents.

"It's a miracle," Whisnant said.

"I thought I was going to die," Jameyson added.

"It really was," Whisnant added. "We were looking death in the face."

Sources: KOMOABC News / Photo credit: Pierce County Sheriff’s Office via KOMO News

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