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Man In Road Rage Incident Dies Hours Later In Crash

A Sorrento, Louisiana, man reportedly died in a fatal car crash on March 10 just hours after being involved in a road rage incident that was caught on film.

Daniel R. Walker was driving his Chevy Cruze on a Louisiana highway when he "failed to negotiate a left hand curve, and his vehicle ran off the road to the right into a ditch," the Louisiana State Police said in a March 11 news release posted to its Facebook page.

"After entering the ditch, the vehicle ramped off of a private driveway before striking a tree," the release continued.

Walker was not wearing his seatbelt and was ejected from the vehicle, sustaining fatal injuries from the crash.

A toxicology sample was taken from Walker and submitted to the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab for analysis to determine whether he was driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Hours before Walker's fatal crash, he was recorded fighting with another man in a road rage incident.

Taylor Jordan Douglas recorded the fight from her vehicle and shared the video to Facebook, WBRZ notes.

The video does not show what started the argument, but the two men, one of whom is Walker, are seen throwing punches at one another in the middle of the crowded highway. Walker is seen throwing the other man to the ground before police arrive on the scene.

Authorities charged Walker and the other man with disturbing the peace and fistic encounter.

Walker took to Facebook following the incident to ask for forgiveness.

"To anyone that knows me and witnessed what I did at the Highland exit, I apologize," he shared on March 10.

A second post read: "God!!! Pls judge my heart and not my actions!!! I'm sorry.. I don't know y I am the way I am.. I just am."

Douglas, after hearing of Walker's passing, shared her condolences on Facebook on March 11: "Apparently the younger man in my video passed away tonight in a car wreck. I told the family I'd delete the video & they said they would like me to keep it up so they can continue watching him. Rest In Peace and prayers to this mans family!!"

A GoFundMe page to cover Walker's funeral expenses has been created.

"He was a born again [Christian], loving husband, father, son,brother, and great friend to many," the page states. "If you feel led please consider donating to help pay for final resting expenses. Family and friends also need to be covered in prayers to get through this tragic time."

Sources: Louisiana State Police/FacebookWBRZ, Daniel Walker/Facebook (2), Taylor Jordan Douglas/FacebookGoFundMe / Photo credit: GoFundMe

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